Tottenham Hotspur Losing Toby Alderweireld

Tottenham Hotspur Losing Toby Alderweireld

Tottenham Hotspur lost Toby Alderweireld who left a Champions League match against Real Madrid on Thursday (2/11), in injury condition Agenjudibolapro.

The Belgian appeared to be holding back the pain in the back of his right thigh as he left the field, and was replaced by Moussa Sissoko. At that time, the new game runs 24 minutes. That is the only sadness experienced by Spurs in a game against El Real at Wembley Stadium.

Bad news about Alderweireld’s injury was finally covered by a triumphant victory, 3-1, Mauricio Pochettino’s squad for the Spanish giants who are also defending champions of the Champions League.

In the game, Dele Alli scored two goals and Christian Eriksen opened another goal in the second round. While Madrid, only get one goal through the action Cristiano Ronaldo created 10 minutes before the game ended.

After the game, coach Mauricio Pochettino admitted Alderweireld injury ‘a bit severe’. However, the club will conduct further tests to determine exactly the injury.

After beating Real Madrid, Spurs will face Arsenal in the North London derby which was held in just 17 days later. Alderweireld, 28, is likely to be absent in this fight, if he is completely naturally torn muscle is quite severe.

In addition, Ben Davies also seemed to limp a while before the first half whistle sounded, as Tottenham led 1-0. While Real Madrid, actually had a good chance of Karim Benzema and Ronaldo in the first round. But, the shot on target to the two star players managed secured Hugo Lloris.