3 Saga Transfers Failed to Realize This Summer

3 Saga Transfers Failed to Realize This Summer
The story of star player hunting coloring the transfer market this summer. A number of players are associated with a major club move, even the process is almost complete Bandar Judi Terpercaya.

However, the transfer was forced to fail for various reasons. One of them, Cristiano Ronaldo was busy discussed going back to Manchester United.

Other speculation calls Diego Costa will leave Chelsea and return to defend Atletico Madrid. Star player transfer stories are a big concern as long as the transfer window is opened.

There are many who end up happy, because the player really leave. But, not a few who were forced to cancel move because there was no agreement or other problems arise.

Here are 3 transfer saga that failed to materialize this summer as reported by Sportskeeda.

David De Gea to Real Madrid

David De Gea Defeat Man City’s Best Opportunity via Aguero
Sergio Aguero City striker Man City almost goalkeeper Manchester United with a deadly header if not foiled by David De Gea.
David De Gea will not move to Real Madrid. Two years ago, De Gea almost drove to Real Madrid, but a few minutes delay in the transfer process made him settle at Old Trafford.

This summer, Los Blancos tried again hook the Spanish international goalkeeper. However, Keylor Navas scintillating performance under the crossbar made Real Madrid change their mind.

De Gea finally no longer enter the list of players hunt the Spanish capital club and must stay with MU. Real Madrid are now more focused on bringing Kylian Mbappe from AS Monaco.

Antoine Griezmann to Manchester United

Antoine Griezmann
Atletico Madrid striker from France, Antoine Griezmann. (AFP / Cesar Manso)
The early saga occurred before the summer transfer window opened this year. At that Antoine Griezmann digadang soon leave Atletico Madrid for costumed Manchester United.

In fact, the transfer value of Griezmann is believed to exceed Paul Pogba, making it the world’s most expensive player. Unfortunately, Atletico Madrid sanctioned embargo transfer from FIFA this summer.

Atletico Madrid could have sold Griezmann to United, but they are not allowed to recruit newer players. As a result, Griezmann chose to stay at the Vicente Calderon, at least maybe until the sanctions were revoked in the transfer market next winter.

Virgil van Dijk to Liverpool

8 Potential Players Docked to Liverpool

Southampton defender Virgil van Dijk celebrated a goal he scored against Inter Milan in the Europa League game at St Mary’s Stadium, Southampton on Thursday (3/11/2017). (EPA / Gerry Penny)
Liverpool have issued an apology statement to Southampton for their actions close to Virgil van Dijk. The situation is very heavy for Liverpool to be able to hook the Dutch defender.

Van Dijk really eager to join the care team Jurgen Klopp. However, Southampton only want to remove Van Dijk for 60 million pounds sterling.

Van Dijk contract with Southampton just finished in June 2022. Liverpool consider the price of Van Dijk very expensive. They retreated slowly and began to forget the desire to bring the former Celtic player to Anfield.

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