Bali United Expect Sacrifice to U-22 National Team Not in Vain

Bali United Expect Sacrifice to U-22 National Team Not in Vain

Bali United became the biggest contributor of U-22 national team munitions in U-23 Asia Cup qualification 2018. There are four players besutan Widodo C Putro called PSSI.

They consist of Moch Diky Indriyana, Ricky Fajrin Saputra, Miftahul Hamdi, and Yabes Roni. They will go to Thailand with other U22 national team players.

PSSI has actually annulled the obligations of every League 1 club, including Bali United, down three U-23 players for 45 minutes. But still, losing four players at once make Widodo must think hard to find the right solution.

“Because this has been decided, we also accept it.Whatever the risks, we accept,” said Widodo at Pakansari Stadium, Bogor, Monday (07/10/2017) night.

Not this time Bali United lost a lot of players due to calling Indonesia U-22 national team. Since the training camp (TC) is commonly held in Karawaci, Bali United is also used to remove the young players who become their mainstay.

Widodo who incidentally the former assistant coach of Indonesia national team in some of the event was actually pray for the four players to be able to help the national team. As is known, U-22 national team will face Malaysia, Mongolia, and Thailand on 19-23 July 2017.

“Our hope is that they can talk a lot for the national team, our orientation is for the national team so I support them enough for the national team,” said Widodo.

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