Before joining MU, Ferguson Almost Train Tottenham

Before joining MU, Ferguson Almost Train Tottenham

Manchester United legendary manager (Sir), Sir Alex Ferguson, was once almost close to Tottenham Hotspur It was revealed by former Tottenham owner, Irving Scholar.

Sir Alex Ferguson started coaching MU in 1986. Two years before that, he almost joined Tottenham. However, the Scottish manager then changed his mind.

“I have talked and negotiated with Alex Ferguson about a deal and he and I have had a very long and detailed discussion,” Scholar said as quoted by Soccerway.

“I told him that I’m a very old-fashioned man and the most important thing is that once you approve something, once you shake someone’s hand, it’s really concrete, once you do that you will not, under any circumstances, break it. ”

Unfortunately, Ferguson did not keep his promise. Scholar also admitted very disappointed with this.

“Ferguson has never told me why – I have my own theory, but it does not matter anymore – he lives in Aberdeen for two more years (before going to United),” Scholar added.

Together with the Red Devils, Ferguson survived for 26 years and won 38 trophies, including 13 English League titles. He became one of the most successful managers in football history.

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