Chelsea’s Reason Lost From Manchester United In Hunting Lukaku Finally Revealed

Chelsea is said to have shown no great interest in Romelu Lukaku’s recruitment attempt at the transfer market this time. As a result the burly bomber from Belgium could actually be diserobot by Manchester United Bola Online Terpercaya.

Since mid 2016/2017 and the issue of returning Lukaku to Chelsea has been very fast circulating. Although not the main target for coach Antonio Conte to enrich front-line options, but club directors including Michael Emenalo as director of engineering want the return of the lost child who made 25 goals in the Premier League with Everton in the Premier League last edition.

Manchester United more aggressive chase Lukaku

However, in the process of negotiation, the stronghold of the Blues showed no passionate interest. Naturally, if Lukaku is not interested in back grazing at Stamford Bridge. Moreover, MU can make a more seductive offer even though currently held by Jose Mourinho who notabebe is a manager who had wasted his talent at Chelsea first.

“It was the last week of June and we were spending time in New York. He (Lukaku) then spoke on the phone with the person he addressed as a ‘boss’, and I knew right away if it was Mourinho, “said Vinnie Frans, Lukaku’s close friend, to the Daily Mail.

“From Antonio Conte he only got one phone call, while Manchester United can give up three direct contract options. United are more passionate and that’s why choices are made. ”

“Romelu wants to have a good pre-season with a new club. Chelsea took too long and then MU came up with a good offer. Mourinho has great ideas and 100% wants Romelu, “added Frans again.

Chelsea can be a worthy replacement

The Red Devils themselves invested big enough for Lukaku who had undergone a loan to West Bromwich Albion this. Mahar amounting to 75 million pounds sterling MU submitted to Everton and this makes the player so the most expensive in the history of the transfer of Belgian footballer.

Although now Chelsea have got a pretty decent change to overtake MU in the negotiations Alvaro Morata, they can be anxious with Lukaku situation today. Undergoing a tour in the United States, Lukaku has now made two goals in three matches one of which even created in Manchester City goalkeeper.

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