Dybala: Trophy More Important Of Goals

Dybala: Trophy More Important Of Goals

Paulo Dybala enjoyed his superb performance for Juventus, but he said that more important was winning the championship with Juventus.

La Joya, as Paulo Dybala, brought Juve to a 4-0 win over city rivals Torino.

“I’m in a big moment and the team is really helping me. We played well and attacked on a team basis, but this season has just started, so we have to keep going like this, “he told Italian media.

“In the first goal, I saw Tomas Rincon behind me and the goalkeeper headed in one direction, so I changed my direction and luckily the ball made it past the defender’s slit.

“Successfully scoring is good, but the most important thing is to win the cup with the team. We want to be out in every game. ”

Taking the number 10 jersey has made Dybala stronger, seen from he has had 10 goals in six Serie A games.

“In Palermo, I have more space as a center-forward. I like this system in Juve, because the coach gives me room to move. My team also made it easier for me. ”

While Dybala could not stop scoring, his teammate, Gonzalo Higuain just froze on the bench.

“This is not a good period for him, because for the striker is definitely not good if they do not score. He just needs a break for a moment and his goal will come when he’s down. ”

“I also continued to struggle to score at the start of last season, but once you succeed, you will move on.”

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