Gonalons: Mahrez Will play a major role in Rome

Maxime Gonalons declared Leicester City winger Riyad Mahrez to be an extraordinary force if he moved to Rome Situs Judi Online.

The Giallorossi are interested in recruiting the Algerian footballer to replace the hole left by Mohamed Salah, and one of the Giallorossi’s offer was denied by the English Premier League club.

“Mahrez is a great player,” Gonalons told the media.

“He can be an additional force for the team if he arrives to Rome. What counts is what’s on the pitch, it’s useless if you target something if you have not brought the right player yet. ”

Gonalons spent his entire career with Lyon before leaving for Serie A in the summer, why did he choose to join Il Lupi?

“It’s easy, because Roma is one of the best teams in Italy. Because the Italian league is back into an exciting competition that is supposed to be like that.

“Because I also believe if I can get happiness here, also in Europe. When they contacted me, I did not hesitate even for a second.

“It was a very exciting opportunity for me, Miralem Pjanic and Clement Grenier encouraged me to join them.

“I believe it is not easy to adapt here, and it is also important that my family will need time to adjust to a new life.

“But Rome is not too far away from Lyon, we can still go home if we get a chance.

“If I think that I spent 17 years at the club from my city then it feels like all my life. This change is a joke for me, I will be Lyonnais forever.

“I must feel this experience first, testing myself at a higher level.

“Daniele De Rossi? He is a legend, a world class psepakbola. He is the symbol of Rome, like Francesco Totti.

“It’s an honor for me to be able to work with him, and among other players he can speak a little French, so he can help me to fit in with the team.”

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