Heskey: I’m Not Surprised If Coutinho Wants to Barcelona

Heskey: I’m Not Surprised If Coutinho Wants to Barcelona

Liverpool football legend Emile Heskey admits he will not be surprised Philippe Coutinho will play for Barcelona.

During the transfer market last summer, the playmaker is indeed linked to one of Europe’s top clubs, but the most seriously reported Barca to sign him. Even in order to carry it reportedly the Spanish giants had made three offers to reach 120 million Pounds but were refused.

Even so, Barca reportedly ready to return proposed a super fantastic offer and if the player joins then Heskey will not be surprised because he believes Phil has gained input from compatriots who once graze at Camp Nou.

“When teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid and even Liverpool players themselves are linked then the players concerned will think about it,” Emile Heskey told the media.

“So I’m not surprised that Coutinho is considering it.

“He also knows some players playing there and a number of Brazilian players have also been defending the club for years, so he must be thinking of doing his career there.

“There’s always a chance he’ll go there in January.”

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