Neymar Asks Pique Agar Not Write ‘I Survive’

Neymar Asks Pique Agar Not Write ‘I Survive’

Neymar revealed he asked his former Barcelona team-mate Gerard Pique not to post a photo with the label ‘I survived’, during his future speculation over the summer Situs Poker.

Before finishing his world-record transfer to Paris Saint-Germain this week, Neymar defended Barcelona during a pre-season tour of the United States.

The Brazilian kept his mouth shut about his transfer plans, Pique uploaded a photo with Neymar and uploaded it to online media on July 23 with the caption ‘Se Queda’, which means ‘he survived’.

Pique later removed the photo two days later, saying it was only his intuition and Neymar confirmed it at his first conference with PSG that he was still not sure if he wanted to leave Barcelona or not.

“It was a little calming moment,” said Neymar.

“We did not play that day, we went to lunch together and he posted the picture. We just have fun.

“I told him not to do that, not to upload the photo because I do not know. I have not made the right decision yet. I thought of so many things at that time.

“This is a really complicated process. I have to think about this problem for two days.

“It’s just a picture. He wants to be funny and maybe express his feelings. I respect that. He’s one of my close friends in the world of football and I hope he will continue to be happy in the future. ”

One Brazilian media reported last month that Neymar was not upset with Pique’s photo, but caused a conflict between his agent and his father, Neymar Sr., who by surprise he was in the process of negotiating with Barcelona and PSG.

After undergoing his first press conference, Neymar told the media if he was sad that some Barcelona players were upset when he saw him leave, but that could not change his decision to leave Spain.

Giant Paris, PSG redeemed its release clause of 222 million euros in order to get a Brazilian mega star player, Neymar.

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