Party 4 Gol, Persib Sriwijaya embarrassment in Jakabaring

Party 4 Gol, Persib Sriwijaya embarrassment in Jakabaring

Emral Abus started the adventure as coach Persib Bandung with captivating results Baccarat Online. He successfully brought Persib conquer Sriwijaya FC 4-1 in the 23rd week of League 1 2017 at Jakabaring Stadium on Monday (4/9/2017).

Yes, this is the first time Persib led by Emral. He took over the position previously occupied by Herrie Setyawan since the decline of Djadjang Nurdjaman. Unexpectedly, his debut brought Persib continue the trend of unbeaten to five games.

Although acting as a guest team, Persib who actually took over control of the game. New game entering the eighth minute, Febri has started threatening defense Sriwijaya guarded Bobby Satria and Marckho Sandy.

He showed impressive individual action by running from the middle of the field to the edge of the penalty box. Unfortunately he did not end the action with a good kick execution.

Three minutes later, Indonesian national team star U-22 was again threatening. However, the kick from outside the penalty box is still not lead to goalkeeper Teja Paku Nature control.

After repeated attempts, the goal that awaited finally came in the 17th minute. Measured bait released Shohei Matsunaga maximized Ezechiel with a flying header that goalkeeper Sriwijaya.

Persib getting the upper hand when the game entered the 32nd minute. They successfully doubled the lead through goals Essien. Starting from the bait Febri, Teja Paku Alam do imperfect catch. The loose ball was used by Ezechiel to pass Essien.

In the remaining time, both teams alike have a chance to score. But, the advantage of 2-0 Maung Bandung team did not change until the referee Abdul Rahman Salasa blew the whistle pause marks the first half.

Second round

The second half started, it was Sriwijaya’s turn trying to take over the game. In the first six minutes, they several times threatened M Natshir’s goal. One of them is a chance that failed to maximize Muhammad Nur Iskandar in the 51st minute.

Two minutes later, there was a crisis in the penalty box Persib. Unfortunately, that opportunity also failed to exploited Bobby Satria who get the ball threw up following a hard kick Yoo Hyun Koo.

Ironically, Sriwijaya goalkeeper just back conceded in the 60th minute. This time is the result of the impression of Febri. 21-year-old player was maneuvering from the left side of Sriwijaya defense which ended with a horizontal kick to goalkeeper Teja Paku Alam.

Behind 0-3 did not make Laskar Wong Kito lose his fighting spirit. They are still working to create a goal back. Alberto Goncalves got a chance in gold in the 68th minute. However, the opportunity failed to convert after his shot was wide.

Coming ahead of the game, Persib still looks intent to increase excellence. The proof, Emral coach include Raphael Maitimo and Atep. Maitimo presence makes the advantage Persib increased.

In injury time, Maitimo sends bait maximized Billy Keraf. Sriwijaya itself can only provide resistance shortly after that. Hartono Ruslan’s side reduced the position to 1-4 through Tijani Belaid’s goal.

Composition of Players:

Sriwijaya: Teja Paku Alam, Yanto Basna, Bobby Satria, Marckho Sandy, Gilang Ginarsa, Ichsan Kurniawan, Yoo Hyun Koo, Tijani Belaid, Muhammad Nur Iskandar, Hilton Moreira, Alberto Goncalves

Persib: M Natshir; Tony Sucipto, Vladimir Vujovic, Achmad Jufriyanto, Henhen Herdiana, Kim Jeffrey, Dedi Kusnandar, Michael Essien, Febri Hariyadi, Shohei Matsunaga, Ezechiel N’Douassel

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