Persib Management Start Designing Team Framework for Next Season

Persib Management Start Designing Team Framework for Next Season

Persib management move quickly to design the squad next season. The move was done as a form of management evaluation related to the maximum results during the rolling of League 1 Indonesia.

Commissioner of PT Persib Bandung Dignity (PBB), Kuswara S Taryono, said the ranks of club officials are preparing for the new season.

However, he was reluctant to explain related to what improvements made in the team body.

“We are preparing for next season, but it can not be delivered now, so at least (already discussed) so that the time is not short,” said Kuswara in Graha Persib, Sulanjana Street, Tuesday (17/10/2017).

Management Persib also hinted would bring a new coach. However, he can not mention a number of candidates who will occupy the head coach Persib chair.

“Coach has not, but at least we will prepare everything,” he said.

Kuswara statement at once responded to the unrest of supporters Persib (bobotoh) who asked the management immediately make improvements.

Earlier, on Tuesday afternoon, bobotoh menggeruduk Persib office. The action was done as a form of bobotoh pique against the drop in achievements Maung Bandung.

“I think this might be an input for us, but it is not only the senior, but the broader and the junior soccer industry as well, we focus on completing the rest of the fight,” he said.

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