SEA Games 2017, Indonesia Must Have Good Mental when Facing Malaysia

SEA Games 2017, Indonesia Must Have Good Mental when Facing Malaysia

The game is quite heavy will dilakoni Indonesian national team when faced with host Malaysia, in the SEA Games 2017 semi-final match at Shah Alam Stadium, Saturday (08/26/2017) night Agen Bola Terpercaya.

Malaysia definitely gets support from fans who will pack the stadium. Mental match Evan Dimas Darmono and his friends should be good enough to overcome the host public pressure.

“I think for the same technicality, there is no difference even though Indonesia yesterday lost to Malaysia in AFC qualification but I think Luis Milla has learned a lot from that game,” said Eduard Tjong who had become the architect of U-19 national team when contacted by Kompas. com, Saturday (08/26/2017).

“I just focused on mentally playing our players, where they must be strong and can be more patient in the game, provocations that may be done by the host, as well as the audience at the stadium later,” he said.

It was expressed Edu-greeting familiar Eduard Tjong, by watching and learning from some matches that have been acted in the preliminary round of the Indonesian national team. Emotion of Garuda Muda team players are often hooked with provocations by opponents, as well as refereeing decisions that are considered not in accordance with the reality on the ground.

“I also hope, the national team will return to play like when facing the Philippines and no longer repeat like opponents of Cambodia. Unnecessary violations or cards that will be obtained players, obviously will hurt the team itself, “said Edu.

That way, Edu expects the role of Luis Milla as the head coach and assistant coach of the National Milky Way team, to give advice to Evan Dimas et al in order to be more patient and intelligent in reading the situation.

“If the mentality is good and the national team players can better control their emotions, I think Indonesia will be able to defeat Malaysia. I think the coach already knows what to do in the game later, “said Edu optimistic.

Meanwhile, Liestiadi who had served as assistant coach Indonesia National Team U-21 and U-23 added, if mentally compete strong players in holding the onslaught of Malaysia in the early minutes then Garuda Young will be the winner.

“Maybe the score is also not much, can be 1-0 or 2-1 because the game will be held tight. But I’m sure the national team will be able to beat Malaysia, “said Liestiadi, when contacted separately.

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