SOS: Soccer That’s Entertainment, Not a Funeral Place

The news of sorrow re-envelop soccer Indonesia. A bobotoh Persib Bandung named Ricko Andrean died at Santo Yusuf Hospital, Bandung, Thursday, July 27, 2017.

Ricko is a victim of raiding individual bobotoh after the match Persib Bandung against Persija Jakarta at Gelora Bandung Stadium of Fire (GBLA), Saturday (22/07/2017).

Ricko was beaten by a bobotoh in the Northern Tribune of GBLA as he was about to give a drink to an intimidated member of The Jakmania.

Ricko was recorded as the 56th victim of violence in Indonesian soccer since Suhermansyah, Bonekmania, who died on January 28, 1995 after crushed and trampled after watching PSIM Yogyakarta fight against Persebaya Surabaya.

SOS noted Ricko is the fifth bobotoh who died after supporting his favorite team, Persib Bandung.

Previously, three bobotoh were killed: Rangga Cipta Nugraha (22), Lazuardi (29), Dani Maulana (17). Rangga died after supporting Persib against Persija in Jakarta, May 27, 2012.

Then, Muhammad Rovi Arrahman aka Omen (17) died because dikeroyok after watching the game between Persib against Persegres Gresik at Wijawa Mukti Stadium, October 23, 2016.

The Jakmania, a supporter of Persija, has also lost five of its members. Fathul Mulyadin in 2008 after watching Persija against Roma.

Then, M Fahreza Persija vs Persela game after 2016. Gilang and Harun Al Rasyid Lestaluhu alias Ambon who died after watching the game against Persib Persibja Manahan Stadium on 6 November 2016.

Finally, Agent Astrava, must breathe the last breath after watching the game Persija vs Bali United at Patriot Stadium Bekasi, May 21, 2017.

“It can not be underestimated or referred to as a football accident. This should be taken seriously by the parties concerned. Too expensive football has to be paid with life, “said Akmal Marhali, SOS Coordinator.

Of a total of 56 victim lives in Indonesian football the cause is diverse. Beaten by 6 people, falling from vehicle (8), beatings (17), blows hard objects (11), piercing sharp objects (12), tear gas (1), and shooting 1 person.

“What is there for soccer when there is blood, soul, and tears wasted. The government and related parties should be responsible for this incident, “Akmal said.

“There is no enemy in football. There is only 90 minutes of rivalry in the field. It must be understood all the elements of football in the country. Football is entertainment, not a burial place, “Akmal added.

Ricko’s death should be an afterthought as well as introspection for all national football stakeholders. Starting from PSSI, competition operators, clubs, until the supporters’ organizations should clean up.

Ricko is quite the first and last “victim of life” in 2017 and in the future.Footer supporters who led to clashes and claimed lives should not be repeated.One of course by making the regulations and rules are clear and assertive for supporters.

“It’s time for the fans also made regulations. The Football Spectator Act (FSA) enacted in the Premier League since 1989 can be used as a reference. The FSA requires all supporters in the UK to have a membership card from the club they support. This is to identify the fans who make riot. They will be deprived of their members’ cards and can not watch the game for life in the stadium if found guilty, “Akmal said.

The FSA also regulates the existence of a new License Authority Agency assigned to grant, or revoke a stadium’s permission to organize a match. Major authority is granted to the License Agencies so no more stadiums are of lower security.

“What is certain PSSI, operator, and also the club must provide coaching to the supporters. Starting from the rule of games to the sanctions that will be given when performing anarchist and vandalist actions both inside and outside the stadium. This is one way to prevent potential violence that leads to life. Quite the last Ricko dying, “Akmal revealed.

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