Withdraw from Arema FC, Aji Santoso will play tennis

After officially announcing his resignation from the seat of coach Arema FC, Aji Santoso has a plan that will be done in the near future Agen Sbobet.

The 47-year-old man admitted to playing tennis when asked by the media what his plans after withdraw from Arema FC.

“I want to play tennis first (greeted journalists),” said Aji at Arema Office, Monday (31/7/2017).

“Yes, I’m going to play tennis first,” said Aji, repeating the answer.

Previously, Aji has announced his resignation from the post of skipper Singo Edan, Arema’s nickname.

He admitted the decision to resign from Arema came from his own.

Concerning the decision, Aji said he had a discussion after the game against Borneo FC which ended with a score of 0-0.

“After the game, last night I had a discussion with management and family until finally this retreat decision was taken,” said Aji.

“This retreat decision comes from itself,” he said.

For Aji’s replacement, Djoko Susilo, an assistant coach, is said to be taking over the coaching chair.

Currently, Arema ranks seventh with 26 points in the standings of League 1.

Singo Edan six points behind PSM who occupy the top of the standings.

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